Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver Trimmer Rechargeable | Save $20

Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver 6800 Electric Shaver – Trimmer

Save 20% on Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver 6800, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver, with Trimmer Attachment

About Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6800

Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 delivers a comfortable shaving experience. Enjoy advanced skin protection with ComfortGlide Rings, a special protective coating that shields your face from irritation. Shaver 6800 protects 5x better than manual blade*.

*Protects better against nicks & cuts than manual blades after a 21-day adjustment period.

Product description:
Philips Norelco Series 6000 delivers a clean shave while reducing skin irritation. Only Philips Norelco has ComfortGlideâ„¢ rings, a special protective coating with skin gliding properties to protect your face from redness and irritation.